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Welcome to Sk Butterflies! My name is “Kiki, the artist,” my husband “Sedrick” is the breeder. He and I raise 7 species of butterflies; all native to Florida. Our green house measures 50 feet in width and 10 feet in height. All of our butterflies live a long predator-free life. Once our butterflies perish we quickly collect them and preserve their
beauty in the art form you will see throughout this site. I started preserving my butterflies within wooden frames; as creativity arouse and so did my business. We now provide a large variety of jewelry, home decor and everything in between. If there is anything on the site you don’t see and would like to have customer made please feel free to send us an email so we can make your vision come to life. We also supply live butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalis. For any other questions or concerns please contact us! Welcome to “SK Butterflies.” Have a butterfly day:)


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